Note: This page is just a pointer to the Zenburn git repository. Nowadays Zenburn has a life of its own through the many ports and variants and lookalikes that exist all around the Internet. Over time, there have been so many fine contributions from people that I simply lost track of them all and also don’t want to upkeep a list with possibly broken links.

This is the The Official Zenburn Page

Zenburn is a low-contrast color scheme for Vim. It’s easy for your eyes and designed to keep you in the zone for long programming sessions.

Screenshot of Zenburn:

Zenburn in normal contrast mode

Zenburn in normal contrast mode

Latest version and background information

Nowadays Zenburn lives at Github.


Visit the repository above, clone it, and check the README for installation instructions.

Thank you for enjoying “Just some alien fruit salad to keep you in the zone”!